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►► Employment Paperwork Systems - H. Michael Boyd, Personnel Journal, 1977

                                                                                   State of the art -- 30 years ago!

►►    --  Interview of H. Michael Boyd on Human Capital with Jacek Lipiec;  Gdansk University of Technology;   Faculty of Management and Economics;  Gdansk, Poland

►►    --  AOEP (Association of Employment Professionals, Inc.);  Waltham, MA;     Automating Employment Management: TRM, the New Generation ;  by H. Michael Boyd, Ph.D. 

►► Compensation Professional Success -- Research report studying the characteristics for individual success as a compensation professional - April, 2006; by H. Michael Boyd, Ph.D.

►► "Retention for Survival" -- Presentation to the World-at-Work annual conference in Anaheim, CA, USA on 8 May, 2006; by H. Michael Boyd, Ph.D.

►► "The lack of Accuracy and Credibility of Self-Reported Pay on the Internet " - -   Research on the accuracy and credibility of self-reported pay data    (October, 2006; by H. Michael Boyd, Ph.D.)

►► Human Resource Planning:  The Long and Short of it ,        H. Michael Boyd, 2008




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