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Dr. Boyd




Management, Business & Human Resources Consulting and Advisory


  • Executive Coaching
  • Strategic 
    · Organizational Change
    · Creating and managing human contribution and capacity
    · HR planning and feedback 
    · Methods and strategies advisory and consulting 
    · Use of technology
  • Functional Human Resources Strategy development / Implementation
    · Workforce management (
    hiring, development, maintenance, lifecycle, effectiveness, alignment)
    · Workforce planning and optimization (staffing, contracting, outsourcing)
    · Employment strategies, methods, and tools
    (growth, maintenance, layoff, systems)
    · Human resources functional management
    · Human resources supply chain, vendor, client partnership and building
    · Workforce
    (employee, management, executive) development, coaching, training
    · Human resources functional and enterprise automation - HRIS, ATS
    · Organizational effectiveness assessment and change management
    · Organizational continuous improvement strategies and programs
    · Employer / workforce relations programs and strategies
  • Human Resources tactical execution
    · Human resources management / business partner
    · Employee relations / counseling
    · Recruiting
    · Outplacement
    · Performance management
    · Training , Learning, Team Development
    · Organizational effectiveness and design
    · Quality program effectiveness
    · HRIS




  • Organizational Assessment and Effectiveness:
    Using OD/OC HRM, and quality principals and tools determined improvement strategies, designed programs, and consulted to organizations and senior line management. Accomplishments included:
    · ·Created, implemented and managed practice to research, analyzes, publish, and consult on human resources and organizational issues and practices.
    · ·Consulted with clients on aspects of organizational, enterprise, and business strategy, effectiveness and partnerships.
    · ·Developed, Implemented, Maintained worldwide technology learning function and programs, training, seminars, Executive Education; University programs; skills training. Vendor and customer seminars.
    · Human Resources Transition Management Group Manager responsible for Policy, Practices, Procedures, generated systems supporting organizational and operational changes caused by business changes - plant closing, downsizing, layoff.
    · Designed and implemented HRP process for 1200-person manufacturing division.

  • Organizational and Employee Development:
    Accomplished programmatic capacity and outcomes to meet business goals and objectives by focusing on workforce competency and capacity.
    · Managed Technical, Management, Quality and Distance Education for Fortune 100 companies
    · Developed, Implemented, maintained programs methodologies and tools; satellite classrooms, knowledge transfer programs, and knowledge management support.
    · Developed, implemented and supported TQM, Six Sigma, process analysis & design, and benchmarking programs. 
    · Improved and managed client, service, and vendor resources, programs, and results.
    · Accomplished creation and management of physical & electronic technical research & library services

  • Human Resources Functional Management:
    Through excellent business and functional management HR was integrated as a part of the business management team and objectives. Outcomes included:
    · Long-range business plan and organizational design for 234-person human resources organization. 
    · Management of $3.2 million budget with year end result less than 1% of budget..
    · Designed compensation system for 600-Person Public Workforce.
    · Negotiated and managed public service sector labor contracts.
    · Provided employee relations consultation to employees and managers creating multi-cultural sensitivity & support infrastructures.
    · Used various delivery methodologies and tools, including satellite and multimedia education to meet training objectives.
    · Provided employee development, performance management, total compensation, workforce planning & forecasting, employment, tools, technology, consulting for a 1200 person division
    · Accomplished Human Resources management program development and delivery for a 12 - location Northeastern US marketing, sales and systems group.

  • Staffing and Placement:
    By partnering with all levels of organizational management created staffing plans and strategies that met organizational goals and objectives:
    · Developed and implemented guidelines, processes, and standards for 12-location business group.
    · Implemented and managed high volume, critical needs, high tech staffing programs and activity including strategy, development, and implementation with world-class results.
    · Managed planning, process, systems, sourcing, recruiting, training, EEO, employee relations, department and functional management at division and at group level.
    · Managed all aspects of Staffing, College Relations, Vendors, EEO, Diversity, Assimilation, HRP
    · Provided internal and external assessment and placement, employment, compensation and benefits, systems, policy and practices development, program and training to line clients.
    · Recruited executives and scarce technical experts.

  • Human Resources Use of Technology:
    Pioneered, advocated, implemented and consulted on the use of technology to improve the performance of the Human resources function and the organization's ability to hire and manage their workforce.
    · Developed and integrated HR systems (HRIS & OA) across a 12-division organization.
    · Developed and implemented integrated multi-functional HR Systems.
    · Conceived, created, implemented, and evolved globally recognized electronic learning capacity and programming.


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