Professor H. Michael Boyd, PhD          BUS465

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Welcome to Professor Boyd's "International Management"
BUS465   course site

Required Text:  Fred Luthans and  Jonathan P. Doh, International Management: Culture, Strategy, and Behavior, 10e
                                                                                        ISBN: 1259705072             Copyright year: 2018



Course Materials:


  ◄► Batam Factory Exercise (pptx)    (PDF)

  ◄► Negotiation Group Exercise (ppt)    (PDF)


    ◄ The Expatriate Group Exercise

                       cultural difference chart

                       Compensation spreadsheet

                        Expatriate Slides (includes data)

◄► Group Project: International Management and Business Plan Instructions

◄► Previous Semester Group Projects

                            (Plan and Presentations)

 ◄►  Global Reading / Articles /Etc.